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Examination Information
for 2012


The Architect Registration Examination ("ARE") is a computerized examination offered year-round and consist of the following:

ARE 4.0 Test Fees

Programming Planning & Practice $210
Site Planning & Design $210
Building Design & Construction Systems $210
Schematic Design $210
Structural Systems $210
Building Systems $210
Construction Documents and Services $210

Test Rescheduling:

Test Rescheduling Fee $35


Candidates are no longer permitted to bring a personal calculator into the testing center. 

For more information, visit the
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Web site at:

or contact NCARB at:

1801 K Street, NW
Suite 1100-K
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 783-6500

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Lorraine Brown, Licensing Manager.




Testing is done year round at the Board of Technical Registration.

State Of Arizona Board Of Technical Registration
1110 West Washington Street, Suite 240
Phoenix, Arizona   85007
(602) 364-4930


Geologists, Land Surveyors - PLEASE NOTE:

Your application should be submitted 315 days prior to the examination dates to ensure compliance with our time frame rules and to allow adequate time to receive education transcripts and/or references. You must submit the application fee when you send in your application. There is a separate fee for the examination and you will be notified by mail when these fees are due. An application will not be considered complete until all verifying data is received.

If you submit an application after the 315-day mark, every effort will be made to process your application and certify you for the next examination. However, if your application is incomplete, a shorter processing time means we may not be able to certify you for the next examination date.

Students enrolled in a professional degree program who wish to take the in-training exam during their final year may file an application before starting the final year of study. School endorsement may be submitted at any time prior to the examination sign-up deadline established by the appropriate national council.

It is extremely important that you notify us in writing of any address changes prior to the examination.

Arizona Approval and Registration Information

NOTE: Individuals who have previously applied for approval to take an FE and/or PE exam through the Arizona Board office can proceed with registration. If you are unsure of your approval status, please contact the Arizona Board office at (602) 364-4930.

Potential examinees must apply to take the exams through NCEES. If you would like to apply through NCESS, please follow the instructions below.

Engineers-Please Note:

1. FE Examinees
To register for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, you must apply directly to NCEES to determine your educational eligibility to sit for the FE examination based on Arizona's requirements.

Applicants for the FE examination must be a college senior or a graduate of an engineering program of 4 years or more accredited by EAC/ABET. To determine if your degree is accredited, visit the ABET Web site ( for a complete listing of schools.

2. PE Examinees
To register for the PE examination, you must apply directly to NCEES to determine your educational eligibility to sit for the PE examination based on Arizona's requirements.

This application is accepted at all times during the year. However, in order to be considered for the April examination, you must submit your application to NCEES no later than February 1; for the October examination, you must submit your application to NCEES no later than August 1. Upon approving your education, ELSES will send you instructions on registering for the examination.

NOTE: You must register with NCEES to begin testing.



Examination Dates: 

  • March 7 and October 10, 2014
  • March 6 and October 2, 2015
  • March 4 and September 30, 2016

For more information, visit the
National Association of State Boards Of Geology (ASBOG) Web site at:

or contact ASBOG at:

The Granby Building, Suite "O"
1801 Charleston Highway
Cayce, SC 29033
(803) 739-5676



Examination Dates for 2013: 

  • April 11-12, 2014 and October 24-25, 2014
  • April 17-18, 2015 and October 30-31, 2015
  • April 15-16, 2016 and October 28-29, 2016

For more information, visit the
National Council Of Examiners For Engineering And Surveying
(NCEES) Web site at:

or contact NCEES at:

P.O. Box 1686
Clemson, SC 29633-1686
(800) 250-3196 or (864) 654-6824



To apply for the Landscape Architect Registration Examination ("L.A.R.E."), candidates should contact the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards ("CLARB") directly and complete a CLARB Council Record. The CLARB application process includes completing the CLARB application form and providing verification of required information such as education and work experience. Once confirmation of your required information is received, CLARB will admit you to the L.A.R.E. and will forward all pre-examination information to you directly.

To apply for the L.A.R.E. through the CLARB Council Record, click here

For L.A.R.E. Administration Dates:  Contact CLARB:

In addition to serving as the application for the L.A.R.E., the Council Record also provides the documentation that you will need when you apply for licensure in Arizona and in other jurisdictions. This eliminates the need for you to gather this information redundantly. Council Record holders are also entitled to discounts on important examination publications such as the examination handbook, The Road to Licensure and Beyond, including "Understanding the L.A.R.E. and Diagnostic Vignettes".

Once you have completed the L.A.R.E., you may apply for licensure in Arizona. Instruct CLARB to transmit your Council Record to the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, and follow the instructions for professional licensure application found on this web site. Please Note: Although you may have successfully completed and passed the L.A.R.E., you must still fulfill the education and/or experience requirements of A.R.S § 32-122.01 Qualifications for professional registration.

To download and print out a complete Administration Report and Fee Schedule, go to You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to access the information (see note on our home page).

For more information, visit the
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) Web site at:

or contact CLARB at:

144 Church Street NW
Suite 201
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 319-8380

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