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Pursuant to A.R.S. §§ 32-106(A)(5) and -106.02, and A.A.C. R4-30-121, the Board has the authority to investigate complaints submitted regarding possible violations of the Board's statutes and rules. The Board may take disciplinary action against a registrant for the commission of any of the acts identified in A.R.S. § 32-128. Additionally, the Board may assess civil fines and/or file a criminal complaint against non-registrants for violations of A.R.S. § 32-145.

The Board does not have jurisdiction over contractual disputes involving registrants. Law prohibits us from giving you legal advice, legal opinion, or action as a 'private' attorney. If you have suffered or may suffer civil wrongs such as significant monetary loss, you may want to contact private counsel to discuss your legal civil rights and remedies.

Complaints may be filed with the Board:

By mail or in person to:
Arizona State Board of Technical Registration
1110 W. Washington St.
Suite 240
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

  • By fax to: (602) 364-4931
  • By call to: (602) 364-4930

via e-mail to:



Douglas Parlin
(602) 364-4952
Duties: Conduct investigations of alleged violations of state regulations with regards to Home Inspector firm and registration violations.

The Board accepts anonymous complaints, but without your name or contact information, the staff will not be able to contact you for additional information or to advise you on the status of the complaint. The Board can keep your name confidential if:

you request that your identity not be disclosed, and
your testimony is not essential to the disciplinary proceedings.

Tips on Filing a Complaint:

Provide the Board staff with as much information as possible about:

  1. the identity of the registrant
  2. the project
  3. the conduct that you feel violated Board statutes
  4. the identity of any witnesses or additional victims
  5. copies, or the location, of any corroborating evidence.

Investigation / Complaint Review Process (see A.A.C. R4-30-120):

  1. Review to determine Board jurisdiction.
  2. If it appears jurisdiction has been established, the complaint will be reviewed by members of the investigative team to determine the appropriate investigation steps.
  3. Additional evidence will be obtained as necessary.
  4. The respondent, if a registrant, will be offered the chance to appear before an enforcement advisory committee, if the complaint appears to be a possible violation of technical practice standards.
  5. The complainant and other witnesses will be interviewed as necessary.
  6. If an enforcement advisory committee was convened, the committee shall make a recommendation of desposition
  7. If the recommendation of the committee is for disciplinary action, the respondent shall be offered an opportunity to meet with Board staff to discuss a possible settlement agreement.
  8. If settlement cannot be met, the respondent may provide a counterproposal for Board consideration.
  9. To assist them in determining how to conclude the case, the Board will be presented with the following at a Board meeting:
    1. A synopsis of the complaint issue
    2. Additional investigative information relevant to the Board’s review
    3. Committee recommendations if a committee was convened
    4. Staff recommendations
    5. A signed consent order for Board consideration, if one has been received
    6. Respondent’s counterproposal, if no signed consent order has been received.
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